5 foods to avoid, the risk of “immunity” is reduced

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In addition to food that boosts immunity to the body There are still some foods that should be avoided or reduced. Because it may also reduce the efficiency of the immune system. The Times of India website compiled 5 foods to avoid. The risk of decreased immunity

5 foods to avoid, the risk of "immunity" is reduced
  1. Sugar (added by yourself)

Try to limit the amount of sugar you start adding to your diet. Because foods high in sugar can increase blood pressure levels. It also increases the risk of protein inflammation. As a result, the functioning of the immune system worsens.

In addition, higher blood sugar levels May also harm the intestinal microflora. cause the body to be in a state of imbalance. This affects the immune response and makes the body more susceptible to infection.

  1. salt

salt in food and various crunchy snacks including frozen food and various bakery can stimulate the body to cause inflammation and increase the risk of developing autoimmune diseases

Salt also inhibits the functioning of the immune system. inhibits the inflammatory response and alters the bacteria in the gut. Therefore, it is important to limit the amount of salt you eat each day appropriately.

  1. fried food

Fried foods are high in molecules called advanced glycation end products (AGEs), or aging agents. Caused by sugars interacting with proteins or fats during heat cooking, such as frying.

High levels of AGEs cause inflammation in the body. and damage the cells causing the immune system to work worse both inflammation destroys the body’s antioxidant mechanisms and negatively affecting the good microorganisms in the intestines

Try cutting down on fries like french fries, potato chips, fried chicken, pan fries, bacon fries,ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com, fish fries, and other fries to reduce the amount of AGEs in your body.

  1. high caffeine machine

Antioxidants that are high in coffee and tea make the body alert. But drinking too much caffeinated beverages can interfere with sleep. This may increase the inflammatory response. and reduced immunity

If you want coffee and tea but don’t want to interfere with the immune system. Avoid caffeinated beverages. But there are no nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Contains only sugar and sweeteners such as soft drinks and energy drinks And do not drink tea and coffee 6 hours before going to bed to leave the amount of caffeine in the body that can cause insomnia at night.

  1. alcoholic beverages

From several studies, it was found that Drinking alcohol in amounts above the average person should drink. (Women can drink one glass a day. Men can drink two glasses a day) and may also affect the immune response. This increases your susceptibility to illnesses such as pneumonia and other respiratory problems.

In addition to choosing a good diet is useful. And avoid or reduce the amount of food that reduces the efficiency of the immune system. should still exercise and get enough rest To help the immune system to work diligently really.