Ederson confident Man City can win three trophies

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Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson is confident Manchester City can win three trophies – the English Premier League. The FA Cup and the UEFA Champions League.

Manchester City have risen to the top of the European team with a very strong team. Their performance in the UEFA Champions League is also excellent. But unfortunately never won. Even once to have reached the finals was completed in the past season. Of course, Manchester City hopes to win the UEFA Champions League. So it is fully focused on the season 2021/22.

Despite missing out on the Carabao Cup. Manchester City still have a chance to win the English Premier League FA Cup and UEFA Champions League. Which Ederson is confident that Manchester City Good enough to win the remaining three titles and ready to make a UFABET new chapter in Manchester City history. Success is not easy at all.

But we are expecting to win the remaining trophies. We have achieved the goals we have set and everything has to be done gradually. The important thing for us is the upcoming competition and now every tournament. The rest is a very challenging race. But I am confident that we will achieve our goal. Which is to win all three titles successfully. “Manchester City is still leading No. 1 in the English Premier League. In the FA Cup, they have reached the quarter-finals and the Champions League should not be a difficult task for Manchester City with a win over Sporting Lisbon. before 5-0