Frank is pleased to keep winning despite playing poorly.

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Brentford’s Austrian manager Tomas Frank is pleased with the result of the last match that can be won. The performance of the players on the field may not be good compared to the straight side. Skip Aston Villa

Brentford had previously been having a terrible period after a series of winless games and missed so many losses that they dropped into the bottom of the table and had the opportunity to go down. The relegation area, if still unable to regain their good form like this, although the score is leading some distance, which against Aston Villa is a very important competition for Brentford. And the only condition for Brentford is to keep winning.

It was Ioan Wissa who equalized for Brenford so Aston Villa will try to open. The attacking game to score more goals. But Aston Villa’s offensive game is still not sharp and it was Brentford who got the late winner from Mads Roerslev. Making the situation of Brentford have improved and moved up to 12th in the table, with Tomas Franc happy with the result in the latest match.

It was a very good win for us. Although the performance on the pitch was not very satisfying, but we managed to attack the opposing team very well. It managed to score a goal that closes the game. It was great to be able to win in such an important match. Our defensive game was so much better and was a big part of helping us get the full three points.