Match: [Copa Sudamericana] Deportivo Tachira VS Rosario Central

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Match: [Copa Sudamericana] Deportivo Tachira VS Rosario Central

Competition time : Thursday 15 July 2021 07:30

Open Rate: Rosario Central 0.5 per
El Stadio de Hippolytus Deportivo de crab El Pueblo Nuevo.

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never met

Overall performance of the host
VEN D1 12/07/21 Deportivo Tachira 3-0 FC Zamora
02/07/21 Estudiantes Merida FC 1-1 Deportivo Tachira
26/06/21 Trujillanos 0-3 Deportivo Tachira
21/06/21 Deportivo Tachira 1-0 Portuguasa FC
13/06/21 Deportivo Tachira 4-1Sulia 06/06/21 Hermanos Colmenares 2-2 Deportivo Tachira
LIB Cup 27/05/21 Olympia Asanci Aung 6-2 Deportivo Tachira
VEN D1 23/05/21 FC Zamora 2-1 Deportivo Tachira
LIB Cup 20/05/21 Deportivo Tachira 7-2 Club Always Ready
VEN D1 16/05/21 Deportivo Tachira 1-0 Estudiantes Merida FC

Overall Away
CON CSA 27/05/21 Rosario Central(N) 0 -0 12 de Octubre
20/05/21 Rosario Central(N) 5-0 Huachipato 13/05/21 San Lorenzo 1-2 Rosario Central
10/05/ 21 CA Platense 4-1 Rosario Central  06/05/21 Huachipato(N) 1-1 Rosario Central
03/05/21 Rosario Central 3-0 Newell’s Old Boys
29/04/21 Rosario Central 2-0 San Lorenzo
26/04/21 Rosario Central 0-1 A Studiantes La Plata  21/04/21 12 de Octubre(N) 1-0 Rosario Central
17/04/21 Aldocivi 0-1 Rosario Central

Probability :

Deportivo Tachira’s performance is quite bright. They have been undefeated for 6 consecutive times, the offensive line is quite aggressive. The defense was very well done. The morale is quite full. On the side of Rosario Central, the performance of the latter has improved a lot. The past 3 games have not lost against anyone. Only lost one ball, scored 7 goals, the condition of the team before entering the field has no problem The two teams have never met before. Today, playing in Deportivo Tachira’s nest, it’s true, but still quite inferior to the away team. The price is open to give to the visitors to 0.5. Press continue. You will come to meet for sure.

Expected match result: Rosario Central 2-1
Open rate: Rosario Central ufabet
vs 0.5 Confidence: 7/10