Liverpool vs Manchester United: Live broadcast channel English Premier League 2023/24 red hot game, match day and time and pre-game preview

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Possibility before the game English Premier League This weekend along with the movements of both teams Update on players not ready to play and predict the results of the competition

Liverpool vs Manchester United: Live broadcast channel English Premier League 2023/24 red hot game, match day and time and pre-game preview

Liverpool secretly anointed them before the red hot game, losing to Union Saint Chillois in the UEFA Europa League game, the final match of the group stage. But that had nothing to do with the fact that they were already guaranteed to advance to the next round. Meanwhile, in the latest league, they just invaded and beat Crystal Palace 1-2, holding the top spot with 37 points, just one point away from second place, Arsenal.

The Manchester United side is undoubtedly in a period of disappointment with not being able to continue in European football this season after losing at home to Bayern Munich in the most recent game, plus previously. Still beaten by Bournemouth 0-3, ranked 6th in the league, 6 points away from the top 4 zones.

Liverpool vs Manchester United

listEnglish Premier League 2023/24
race daySunday, December 17, 2023
refereeMichael Oliver
WASDavid Brooks

Time and viewing channel

Competition time11:30 p.m. Thailand time
Live broadcast onTrue Premier Football 1, 2

Performance of the last 5 matches where the pair met.

Liverpool won 3
, drew 0,
Manchester United won 2.

The results of the last 5 matches of both teams

Liverpool : LWWWW
Manchester United : LLWLD

Readiness before the Liverpool game

Jurgen Klopp’s side will not be able to use Stefan Bijcetic, Thiago Alcantara, Andy Robertson, Joel Matip, Alexi. Mac Allister and Diogo Jota are definitely in this game as they are recovering from injuries.

Predicted 11 starting players for Liverpool

Goalkeeper: Alisson
Defenders: Alexander Arnold, Konate, Van Dijk, Tsimikas
Midfielders: Soboszlai, Gravenburch, Jones
Forwards: Salah, Nuñez, Diaz

Preparing for the Manchester United game

Erik ten Hag’s side are still unable to use Ahmad Diallo, Casemiro, Christian Eriksen, Lisandro Martinez, Mason Mount, Victor Lin. Delove and Tyrell Malasia in this game due to injury problems, of course, as for Harry Maguire, Anthony Martial, Luke Shaw and Marcus Rash. Ford still has to hope whether he will return to the field to help the team in this game or not, while Jadon Sancho, who has personal problems, is expected to still not be involved in this game again as usual. And most importantly, Runo Fernandes, the great army man, will be banned and unable to play on the field.

Predicted 11 starting players for Manchester United

Goalkeeper: Onana
Defenders: Dalot, Evans, Varane, Reguilon
Midfielders: Anthony, Mainu, Amrabat, McTominay, Carnacho
Gong Page: Hoylund

Predict the possibility and results of the competition.

The highlight of this week is definitely the battle of the “Reds” that football fans have been waiting for since the beginning of the season. Liverpool’s excellent performance has risen to the top of the table with an aggressive performance this season entering form, while Manchester. United, although they continue to collect points, their performance on the field is still being questioned about their playing style which is still quite displeasing to the fans.

The picture of the game will definitely be the Reds who dominate the game and attack, while the Red Devils will focus on pressing high and relying on mistakes in counter-attacking like the game against Chelsea. But with the current situation, Eric’s team Ten Haak has quite a lot of injured players. So there aren’t many options for organizing teams onto the field. Plus, in the middle of last week’s game, the local team completely rested their main players, waiting to welcome the rival couple in this particular game. It is clear that if we look at many factors, the home team is definitely superior, including strength, confidence, results, and performance.

Last year at Anfield ended with a historic score of 7-0. It is believed that this game would not be much different, but it should be. It won’t be as demolished as the previous season. *It depends on whether Eric Ten Hag has any trump card to solve Jurgen Klopp’s game or not. Because if there aren’t any Manchester United fans yet, you may have to prepare yourself first.

Predicted score: Liverpool 3-0 Manchester United.