Match: [Brazil Serie B] Confianga VS Guarani

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Match: [Brazil Serie B] Confianga VS Guarani

Competition time : Friday 16 July 2021 05:00

Open rating: Guarani vs 0/0.5
at Batistao.

Last meeting of all events
BRA D2 17/12/20 Guarani SP 1-0
Confianga BRA D2 19/09/20 Confianga 1-0
Guarani SP BRA CUP 18 /04/13
Guarani SP 1-0 Confianga BRA CUP 11/04/13 Confianga 1-0 Guarani SP

Overall results of the hosts
BRA D2 14/07/21 Avai 2-1
Confianga BRA D2 11/07/21 Confianga 1-1 Vitoria BA
BRA D2 04/07/ 21 Vasco da Gama 1-0
Confianga BRA D2 30/06/21 Confianga 0-1
Coritiba BRA D2 26/06/21 Opera Rio Ferroviari O 0-0
Confianga BRA D2 23/06/21 Confianga 1-0 Vila Nova
BRA D2 20/06/21 Sampaio (MA) 3-1 Confianga
BRA D2 16/06/21 Confianga 1-1 Brazil de
Pelotus BRA D2 13/06/21 Club de Regatas Brazil 3-2
Confianga BRA D2 05/06/21 Goya 2-0 Confianga

Overall results of the visiting team
BRA D2 14/07/21 Guarani SP 1-0 Club de
Regatas Brazil BRA D2 10/07/21 Londrina 0-1 Guarani SP
BRA D2 04 /07/21
Guarani SP 4-1 Brusque SC BRA D2 01/07/21 Cruzeiro 3-3
Guarani SP BRA D2 26/06/21 Guarani SP 0-2 Coriti Crazy
BRA D2 23/06/21 Remo Belem 0-0
Guarani SP BRA D2 20/06/21 Guarani SP 1-0 Ponte Preta
BRA D2 16/06/21 Centros
Portivo Alagoeno 1-1 Guarani SP BRA D2 12/06/21 Guarani SP 1-3 Nautico
BRA D2 02/06/21 Opera Rio Ferrovia Rio(N) 2-5 Guarani SP

Probability :

Confianga’s performance is not very competitive. They haven’t been able to beat their opponents in their last 5 games on the field. The offensive line is quite difficult to score goals and is ready to concede goals all the time. Guarani SP, the more he enters the field, the more confident he has won 3 matches in a row, scoring 6 goals and conceding only one goal. Moved up to 5 and only 6 points behind the leader of the crowd, the statistics of the two teams are quite similar. Today we played in Confianga’s nest, but didn’t look any better than the away team. The price rate is open for visitors to continue 0/0.5. You can continue to press.

Expected match result: Guarani 2-1
Open rating: Guarani 0/0.5
Confidence: 7/10.