Warut Wangsamael hits a hat-trick! The Thai national futsal team defeated Oman 7-0, starting the futsal fours.

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The results of the four-legged futsal tournament. SAT International FUTSAL CHAMPIONSHIP THAILAND 2021. The opening match of the Thai national team field. A strong form defeated the Oman national team 7-0.

The start of the game,Thai national team immediately opened the attack game. They came to the door to lead quickly from the 2nd minute from Navin Rattanawongsawat. Before the news came to add the second goal to give Thailand a 2-0 lead in16 minutes.

The Thai national team came to get the goal away to 3-0 from Jirawat Sornwichian and 4-0 from Supawut Tao. In the middle, after that, the remaining time will be Warut Wangsamael, who scored 3 goals in a row in 18 minutes, 22 minutes and 32 minutes, scoring a hat-trick for the Thai national team, finishing the game for the Thai national team. Defeated the Oman national team to a overwhelming 7-0 starting to collect the first 3 points beautifully.

For the SAT International FUTSAL CHAMPIONSHIP THAILAND 2021 futsal program to prepare the team before participating in the 2021 Futsal World Championship in Lithuania The next match of the Thai national team Will play on September 4, 2021 against the Chilean national team at 13.30