Tips for taking care of the “intestinal tract” for health and beauty from Japanese people

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Health and intestinal health are issues that Japanese people pay great attention to these days. Because the intestine is not the only organ that digests and absorbs nutrients into the bloodstream. It also plays an important role in the body’s beauty and health. Let’s know the function of the intestines and practices to maintain a healthy colon according to the advice of Japanese health experts.

Tips for taking care of the “intestinal tract” for health and beauty from Japanese people

Important functions of the intestines UFABET

In addition to the intestines being the source for digestion and absorption of nutrients into the bloodstream. It is the source of the body’s defense cells. It was found that 60 percent of the body’s immune cells are made from the intestines. If the bowels are not cleaned, waste from the food left behind and from the metabolic system will be absorbed into the bloodstream. resulting in viscous blood And cause the accumulation of fat under the skin and various organs in the body Taking good care of the intestines will help the body to be strong and not easily sick. and has the effect of enhancing the body’s ability to burn energy well Resulting in good skin and not easily fat.

Practices for maintaining a healthy colon for physical health and beauty.

  1. Take good care of the intestinal environment.

Because 60 percent of the body’s immunity is made up of the gut. If the intestinal environment is not good It will cause the growth of pathogenic bacteria and weaken the immune system. Normally, the human gut contains approximately 2,000-3,000 species of bacteria, in amounts greater than 100 trillion, including good bacteria. bad bacteria and bacteria that live in the intestines If the ratio of all three types of bacteria is 2:1:7, it indicates that the intestinal environment is healthy. Maintaining a healthy gut ratio of good bacteria over bad bacteria will result in good health. Makes skin look good and helps slow down aging. Here are some ways to take care of the intestinal environment:

Do not eat too much fatty foods.

  • Eat foods that increase the amount of good bacteria.

Meat fats, though, have health and beauty benefits. But eating too much can result in an increase in the amount of bad bacteria in the gut.

Foods that increase the amount of good bacteria include:

(1) Fermented foods containing lactic acid bacteria, such as bran pickles, miso soup, natto, and fermented milk products such as yogurt and yogurt, etc.

(2) Foods rich in dietary fiber such as vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and seaweed, etc.

(3) Foods rich in oligosaccharides such as soybeans, bananas and onions, etc.

  1. Avoid drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages.

Drinking alcohol in moderation will help stimulate the digestive system. Will result in an increase in bad bacteria in the intestines

  1. use normal daily life

Irregular daily life, such as eating and going to bed, getting less rest, waking up late around noon during holidays, etc., will cause the balance of the autonomic nervous system to be abnormal. which negatively affects the intestines Therefore, the daily rhythm of life should be adjusted to normal. By waking up early, going to bed early and eating breakfast.

  1. Get enough exercise on a regular basis.

Moderate exercise such as walking, exercise and yoga, etc., will help promote bowel movements. It normalizes excretion and improves the intestinal environment.

  1. drink enough water

If you drink less water, it will result in destruction of the intestinal environment. Therefore, should drink 1.5-2 liters of water per day, especially drinking warm water after waking up in the morning, 1 glass per day will help stimulate bowel movements. Promotes good excretion of waste from the body

Taking care of the health of the intestinal environment is something that we must take seriously and practice as a habit. Although a bit tricky and fussy at first. But when practiced often, it will be found that our health will be strong bright skin and not easily fat If you want to be beautiful from the inside, try to take care of your intestines from today.