5 reasons why? england national team To be the winner and win the Euro 2020 football championship this time.

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strong support Strong team spirit and the most dangerous offensive line is the reason why england national team Dare to dream of thEuro 2020 football championship after being scheduled to play in the final at a major tournament for the first time since 1966 against the Italian national team.

Two of the attacking lines are forming strong.

England does not have a world-class attacking line. But they are up to two Raheem Sterling hot since their first match against Croatia and was also shot all three goals in England’s list, too, now Harry Kane is another. that forms stronger After starting with a header against Germany before scoring two more goals against Ukraine.

The duo caused a lot of trouble for Denmark in the last game. Sterling ran all night. And was involved in both goals England scored, while Kane showed good form as well. Before being the one who scored the winning goal for the team

The toughness of defensive game

England went through the group stage without conceding a single goal. For the first time since 1966, before England became the first team since Italy, they were unbeaten at the 1990 World Cup to have not conceded five goals in a row since the start of the tournament, despite Jordan Pickford. Will concede a goal from a free-kick from Mickel Damsgard already, but he saved the team in key moments of the Euro, this time a lot. Especially shots from Timo Werner and Kai Havertz,

while in front of Pickford are both Klein Walker and John Stones.who was acting to protect him Including the return of Harry McGuire enhance the air to play for the team even more. Including the hard work of Declan Rice and Calvin Phillips in the midfield panel. It’s a combination that allows England to give their opponents just 13 shots on target in their last six matches in this tournament.

Knowing how and when to play,

Gareth Southgate once said in an interview that “The team needs to travel a bit. And they have to go through some pain in order to keep making progress.”England is like that after becoming a team that has won each match in a different way, the game against Denmark is a good example. Because at the 2018 World Cup, England, who led Croatia first from the free-kick. But always come back to miss hit. and was overtaken in extra time But in the last game against Denmark, everything turned upside down.

In the last game against Denmark, Southgate admitted that He had to make substitutions to improve the game. And it’s not the first time in this tournament he’s shown his decisive action, with the removal of Jack Grealish, who just came off in extra-time. Then adjust the system to 3-4-3 late in the game and the players respond well. Maybe because in the England national team This set includes 13 players who have played in the final. of European football in the club

Managing players in the team

This England national team There is both a sense of unity and a sense of belonging , with Gareth Southgate managing his team wisely. He has always emphasized the involvement of players who are not in the starting XI. “The depth in the choice of the players in our team. And everyone’s mental state puts us in this position.”

As a result, everyone has the same goal. This can be seen in the reaction of Jack Grealish as he was withdrawn from the game in the semi-finals. The type that does not show symptoms that make the team manager feel uncomfortable in any way. This means that every player has a mindset that is ready to give way for fresher teammates to play in the late game, which is the key.

The advantage of playing at Wembley

“for our country I’ve never heard from New Wembley like that before.Southgate gave an interview after the semi-final game. The fans have been loud since the match against Germany and will increase even more after 20,000 more fans enter the stadium, according to England’s Wembley record. Very impressive, winning 15 of 18 games since the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and so



Under pressure against Denmark last time out, England struggled hard to keep the ball in. Now England will face teams that will put pressure on them across the pitch. Must see if they will be able to take on this challenge or not ?