Analysis of the reasons why the Italian national team Is there a chance to be the Euro 2020 football champion this time?

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Gianluigi Donnarumma, the 22-year-old young goalkeeper who came to fill the position of goalkeeper for Italy, including joining the team as one of the Italian players. which everyone emphasizes on unity is important And this is an important tip that italian national team A chance to succeed in football Euro 2020 , this

Italian do everything

an Italian play offensive began by emphasizing the ball with midfielder foot 3 people like Marco Verratti , Georgina Santos Moutinho unmatched. the brain of the team, and New York City, Colo Marella propel the ball forward quickly. The three strikers were perfectly coordinated. And can shoot beautiful goals all the time, for example, the goal of Federico Chiesa.Against Austria and Spain, as well as Lorenzo Insigne’s goal against Belgium,

if desired, Italy can still show off the same strong defensive performance from Gianluigi Donna. Rumma, the goalkeeper who defends the ball strong off the line. Combined with two highly experienced defenders , Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci, who are ready to do anything to stop the ball from entering the box. It’s the perfect blend of a rising star and a veteran.

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Kevin De Bruy may still be thinking about his shot in the first half. From the game between Italy and Belgium in the quarter-finals, he was at the perfect angle. With a powerful weight, De BruynePrepared to celebrate until Donnarumma came out of nowhere with a big hand. His fly can flick the ball away.

At only 22 years old, but this goalkeeper has a lot of experience. And has made 32 appearances for the Italian national team, including playing in Serie A and Serie A with AC Milan so far, 215 matches, he could be a replacement for Gianluigi Buffon . Especially when he has a face named Gianluigi as well.

The strength of this group of players

from the first day Every player in the team always emphasizes on unity within the team, as Bonucci has revealed. “We don’t have players like Ronaldo and Lukaku, our superstars are all of us.”The highly experienced defender who has been in the national team for more than 100 shots has also said that This is the Italian national team. The best set he’s ever played in.

Rome fans celebrate after Italy defeated Spain in the shootout. Obviously, the work of Roberto Mancini does his job very well. All the players looked happy every minute they were together and that affected the pitch. All players are ready to help their teammates. The substitutes are always ready if they get the chance to participate. “We are not afraid to make mistakes. Because we can rely on our teammates 100 per cent that they will always help us. This is what makes the difference,” another defender Francesco Acherby said in a statement.

On the other hand,

the loss of Leonardo Spinazzola was a great loss forMancini, as the left-back is one of the best players of the tournament, has won two Star of the Match awards, running across the pitch against Belgium until he’s injured. Achilles tendon That caused him to take a long break from playing.

In the match that day, after Spinazzola had just helped to block Lukaku ‘s shot off the line, the Italy international will miss his surplus of energy, although Emerson is a reliable representative. From the performance in the game against Spain in the semi-finals